Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moment 9 - Libingan ng mga Bayani

It was vacation time and I had no plans about going out of town. Since urban folks were busy heeding out for their summer escapades, I preferred to stay at home. Well, not really.

Since the city was free of traffic, I decided to roam around and this was my first adventure ever, all by my lonesome. My destination, Libingan ng mga Bayani located at Taguig City.

As I wander around the cemetery, it was a hair-raising experience at first. Being surrounded by white crosses and only a couple of visitors would drop by from time to time, it was hard for me to find comfort around the place. As I stepped unto the very graveyard, my wild imaginations were running wild and it was not good. Things like what if a hand will pull me down unto a grave or the very ground below my feet will open. Haha. Silly thoughts.
Since I was already here, I had to be brave enough to compensate my efforts and this was one adventure I’ll never forget. The place was so quiet and since I had the place to do my thing, I had to grab the opportunity at hand.

The little boy that freely roam the grounds of the cemetery tagged along. It was a relief on my part and the fear that constantly guard me all the while simply retreated to my shadow.

He became my instant model, so to speak. Without much effort and with some coaching, he participated in my shots with delight. With his presence, he brought a meaningful perspective to my shots.

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